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What I Work On

Website Audit and Structure

Good website structure is essential for good Ecommerce SEO. I make sure what the Search Engine sees is what they need to see. I undertake an in depth technical audit of the site and produce a report detailing recommendations and changes that are needed and will work with your technical team to help implement these.

Example Report (PDF)

Keyword Optimisation

Optimizing content on every page for a Keyword is essential to get top rankings for those Keywords. I use Web Text Analyzer, a tool I developed, to do this, ensuring every page is correctly setup with the keyword for that page.

Web Text Analyzer tool

External Links

Bad links equals bad SEO. It is important to find as many of the links pointing to your website and look at them to see if they are of a quality and relevance for your site. I search for and audit these links and disavow with Google any that are not appropriate. This is a task that is ongoing and new links should be audited as they are found.

3 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs Good SEO

How many searches are made each day?

  • Google 4,464,000,000
  • Bing 873,964,000
  • Baidu 583,520,803
  • Yahoo 536,101,505
  • Other (AOL, Ask etc) 128,427,264

Percentage of people clicking on Organic vs Paid results?

  • Organic Search Clicks 94.95%
  • Paid Search Clicks 5.05%

SEO has the highest ROI for Ecommerce web sites

Organic Search visitors are far more likely to trust you, your business, and your products & services.

Ranking highly in Google for a keyword or phrase is a clear sign that you are a credible source and that you are an important player in your industry.

Clients and Testimonials

Aspect -

Aspect are a property maintenance company providing 24 X 7 X 365-day cover for both emergencies and planned work for services such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, handyman, tilling etc. I am helping them as they transition to a new website and improve their Organic rankings and traffic.

"Very happy with the level of service and knowledge provided by Jerry. A high level of expertise even in areas slightly outside of the original remit. Exactly what is need with our high-pressure contract."

aspect logo 300x107 - Homepage

Triometric -

Triometric sell a software solution for the Airline and Hospitality sectors which analyses large volumes of data for bookings and search. They had a new site built which was underperforming so they contacted me to perform a full audit and provide technical support for the site. I have reworked much of the site and now added in a private members area for their clients.

"Great level of support where needed and sorted out a ‘bumpy’ transition from our old site to the new version. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend Jerry’s services."

Triometriclogo 300x57 - Homepage


Online Spy Shop -

Online Spy Shop is an ecommerce store selling surveillance products. They recently contacted me with a new site that is built in Magento which is not performing well. I am currently working through the structure of the site after a lengthy detailed audit to improve the crawlability of the site and work on keywords.

"Extremely happy with the information and seo work carried out to date for my ecommerce store, which has uncovered a number of issues with the site structure. Many of these are now being rectified by the developers and Jerry is now starting to work through keyword research and text changes on site."

OSSlogo 300x98 - Homepage


Honour -

Honour are an online ecommerce store for PVC Fashion and fetish clothing and one of the leading brands in the UK in their market. They approached me some 3 years ago to help sort out some Keyword ranking and text issues. I have now worked with them through two iterations of their site to a new platform, minimising ranking loss and moving them onto the next stage to their development.

"Binaryone have done some good work for us in both helping our rankings and advising on building a new site and minimising ranking loss as we moved across. Helpful, skilful and would thoroughly recommend."

Honour Logo Gold 300x99 - Homepage

ProHealth -

ProHealth provide information and supplements for helping sufferers of ME, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease. I have been working on an 'as needed' basis for ProHealth for some 3 years now providing them with advice on structure and providing them with a framework to build a new site from.

" Great work. We are reviewing and implementing all of your recommendations from the Site Audit as we move to a new platform. All your changes are working very well."

phLogo 300x52 - Homepage

Chinacraft (now merged with Havens) -

I have worked for Chinacraft, an online ecommerce store for fine china, glass and cutlery, for a number of years until they merged with Havens. I helped them achieve a number one position against their competitors for all of their major brands and patterns.

"Very effective Keyword optimisation for both our brands and patterns. Achieved page one in Google for most of our major products over time."

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What I Do

I provide Ecommerce SEO services for sites of all types and sizes specializing in sites built on Magento, WooCommerce and AspDotNetStorefront. All projects start with setting up and getting data from various SEO monitoring tools including Google Search Console and Google Analytics to understand how the site is currently configured. Time is then roughly divided across three main areas as below.

Site Structure Audit

Site structure is key to Search Engines understanding, crawling and indexing the website correctly. I use a number of different tools such as Screaming Frog, Netpeak Spider, URL Profiler and Deadlinkchecker to look at the site to produce a list of changes to be implemented.

Search Engine crawlers should be able to naturally crawl the pages and images that you want indexed. All other content such as duplicate content pages, broken pages and content that is not required to be in a search result page will all be removed from the search crawlers view.

On Page Keyword Optimisation

Getting a good Keyword structure across the pages of a sites is essential for good rankings. I have built my own tool for doing this - Web Text Analyzer which does a deep analysis of a web page for the keyword.

I look for keywords the site is already ranking for using tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and Google Search Console. For new keyword research I use Competitor information from Ahrefs and SEMRush, use other tools such as SpyFu and KeywordSpy.

Identified Keywords can then be worked into the page to get optimal ranking.

External Link Audit

External links are essential to get Google rankings. Over time a website can often build up bad links that can harm rankings.

I use multiple tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, MajesticSEO and Google Seach Console to find links pointing to a site.

The only really safe way to audit links is to do this manually. None of the automatic tools are particularly safe and will often indentify perfectly good links as bad.

I will submit bad links to Google for disavowing.

Keyword Optimization Demo Video

Web Text Analyzer  is the tool I use for Content Keyword Optimisation. 

This tool plays a big part in improving keyword ranking and visitor traffic.

The video shows why one site ranks better than the other site for a particular keyword.

The Keyword used is 'Dunlop tyres' and the sites analysed are ATS Euromaster and Kwik Fit.