Why You Need to do SEO

People often question why they bother with optimising their websites for Organic search. Surely it is easier just to pay up and go for Pay Per Click?

The article below highlights that Organic Search is still driving over 50% of all traffic. Many would argue that the 51% figure Bright Edge quote is on the low side in fact.


Organic Search Drives 51% of Traffic to Websites [Study]

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SEO Evolution: Sell, Discover, Deliver & Report on Highly Converting Keywords by Krista LaRiviere, gShift

SEO platform provider BrightEdge recently released a report showing the majority of websites studied within its Data Cube data set showed organic traffic was the largest source of traffic over paid search and social media across the sectors studied.

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Sectors analyzed included:

  • Business Services
  • Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Technology

The data showed in all sectors that the organic channel was the main driver of traffic, but that percentage varied greatly – with Business Services showing the most gain from the organic search channel.


So to ignore Organic traffic is done at your peril! Yes it takes time to get a site ranking for a wide spread of keywords but these are the building blocks of any web marketing strategy. Perhaps some of you can remember when the world was ‘less instant’! Business were built gradually over time. There is a myth that you just need a website and evetyone will find you!

It takes hard work and dedication to move a website up in the rankings and get the visitors you need talking to you.

We speclise in helping you to achiveve this.





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