Search Ranking Factors

Search Ranking Factors

Something that often amuses me that is thrown around in the SEO industry is the importance of this factor against some other factor. I often wonder where this information originates from and what it is based on. Google certainly don’t give it out.

As an example, there is a common one surrounding ‘Search Ranking Factors’. This purports to offer a guide on the importance of On-site – v – Off-site type of tasks on the lines of

You look at this for guidance and it appears to say that links are nearly 3 times as important as the site itself! This sort of information is so misguided and really does not help anyone.

A site can have lots of great links pointing to it but if the site itself is not structured for the correct keywords and meta tags and multitude of other factors then it will not attract the traffic needed. Similarly a well structured and setup website with no or poor links will also not rank well.

These things are all equally important.


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