SEO in 2015 from the Experts

SEO in 2015 from the Experts

SEO in 2015 from the Experts

It is always a bit of fun to read ‘experts’ predictions of what the future will hold, especially when you look back at them later and see just how right or wrong they were!

This article from Powered by Search lays out the thoughts of a number of SEO Experts on how they see Google and search in 2015. There are some interesting thoughts which are worth thinking through and picking out the more realistic bits for possible impelmentation.


How do you expect Google to change in 2015 and why?

Google is constantly updating and trying new things to and improve its services. Whether good or bad, we always notice. So I decided to ask some SEO experts for their predictions on how Google will change and affect you for the next year. Here’s what they had to say.

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There is quite a lot of talk about external link profiles which, after all these years still remains one of the most powerful ranking factors in the Google arsenal. I will be exploring the shape and size of these profiles more in a future blog based around work I have done on a range of different sites.

For now though enjoy this excellent article.

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