Twitter Wants to Measure Success Differently

Twitter Wants to Measure Success Differently

This is an interesting article on an announcement from Twitter co-founder, Ed Williams on how he is trying to drive through how they measure ‘success’ on Twitter. Currently this is done on the number of followers, however this metric can be massaged giving a false picture of the true ‘success’.

Twitter wants to measure success differently and now wants to base the measurement on the number of people who saw you tweet and re-tweeted it.

Lady Gaga To Be The First Person To Hit 30M Followers On Twitter

lady gaga 30m mainstream ftw - Twitter Wants to Measure Success Differentlytechcrunch.com9/25/12

Ironically, Ev Williams, one of Twitter’s cofounders and a board member, yesterday made it pretty clear that followers are not the metric that is most interesting for him, and perhaps Twitter, too. “The dream metric,” he continued, “is how many people saw your tweet,” he said, before proceeding to note that now that Twitter has restricted usage of its API and reigned in more users to its own clients, it can really start pulling out some stats on how Twitter is used, useful for

So the message here is to start building a real base of followers who are looking at your Tweets and interact with them to get re-tweets and not just build huge numbers of dormant followers.


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