Ecommerce Website Ideas to Improve User Experience

Ecommerce websites are notoriously difficult to both provide a good user experience and get good search engine rankings.

One of the pitfalls I see time and time again is user drop off before the purchase is completed. If you add up the cost of getting a shopper to the point of putting items in their shopping basket then losing them at this point is something that needs to be addressed.

This article from Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy highlights some excellent techniques used by Hobbycraft.


35 examples of ecommerce best practice from Hobbycraft | Econsultancy

Hobbycraft is not a website we’ve covered on the blog before. It’s not the showiest website, it doesn’t feature the most technically dazzling array of tools and features, nor is it currently in the news for any particular reason.

Out of all the sites I’ve researched so far, this one manages to include almost every ecommerce best practice feature that we’re constantly banging on about on the blog.

Hobbycraft ensures visitors are completely aware of all its customer service propositions clearly at the top of the homepage. This helpfully answers many questions that a new visitor may have when they arrive on site.


READ MORE – 35 examples of ecommerce best practice from Hobbycraft | Econsultancy


I especially liked the idea of sending an email to a visitor who put items into their shopping cart but does not complete the purchase. OK they need to a registered user but that still accounts for a good proportion of drop offs. Even if you only get a small percentage of people returning to complete their purchase it makes the process very worthwhile.

I recommend reading this article in full and thinking through if you could introduce some of these techniques into your own online store.

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