New Google Algorithm Change on the Horizon

There is a really serious update coming from Google. There is just over a month to get your site ‘mobile ready’ or it looks like it is going to be punished for its rankings if it is not.


Google’s algorithm changes have a long history of seriously affecting corporations using SEO to bolster their brand, often without much weight behind the content they are publishing.

“Google has been testing mobile-friendly notifications and tools over the past few months, but hadn’t yet said that mobile-friendliness was actually a ranking factor,” says

“On April 21, it will be. At that time, if your site doesn’t pass Google’s mobile-friendliness test, it may lose visibility on mobile search results. This is bad news on its own, certainly, but because Google doesn’t have separate mobile and desktop indexes, there’s the possibility that sites will also be penalized in desktop results. Google has indicated that they will be creating separate indexes in the future, but that’s not currently the case.

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